Innertube Thrash

Innertube Trash: Time for schussin' commando-style in this riotous downhill joust on fat innertubes.

In this event you are given an inner tube and your goal is to get first to the finish line. Yes, in this event you will actually have an opponent (computer player or a second real player). This is the only event that supports simulatenous multiplaying for two players.

Points can be gathered by going faster than your opponent. If you get one full screen ahead (so that you are on the bottom and your opponent is on the top of the screen) of your opponent, then you will be given more points, 100 points to be exact. Points can also be collected by picking up items found from the track. And then you can also perforate your opponents tire by a fork or a knife.

Level Map

(The level map is kinda huge so please bare with the download.)

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