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Ski Or Die (DOS Version) 441 KB Download


Running the game on Windows XP, Win Vista, or Windows 7

In order to run older games on operating systems such as Windows, you will need to download DOSBox and run the game through it. To play Ski Or Die please follow the following simple steps:

  1. Download DOSBox from When downloading, choose the Win32 installer.
  2. Install DOSBox to any directory.
  3. Download Ski Or Die from the above link.
  4. Create a folder called GAMES in your C:\ drive and unzip Ski Or Die in to a folder such as C:\GAMES\SKIORDIE\
  5. Run dosbox.exe from the dosbox installation directory.
  6. Run the command: MOUNT C C:\OLDGAMES
  7. Run the command: C:
  8. Run the command: CD SKIORDIE
  9. Run the command: s.exe
  10. ENJOY!
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