Downhill Blitz

Downhill Blitz: Scream and cream down a glaclated hillside in a most treacherous version of the classic downhill race.

Downhill Blitz is a fast-paced skiing event where you will have to ski down the hill as fast as possible. It's easy to fall down so you'll have to have fast fingers to control your skier. Just like with most of the other events, you race against the clock. It is often just better to ski slowly because every time you fall down, 5 extra seconds will be added to your race time. Your final time will be converted to bonus points. Points can also be gathered by performing tricks on the hill. Tricks performed in the mogul sections will get you more points than in other sections.

The Shortcut

There is one shortcut in this event (that I know about). By skiing trough the whole shortcut you will get 1500 points. The shortcut is showed in the screenshot below.

Level Map

(The level map is kinda huge so please bare with the download.)

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