Acro Aerials

Acro Aerials: Scale the ozone in this rad ski jump event! You don't have to be crazed to do this, but it helps.

This event is a short and simple one, but still very fun. You ski down a small ramp and then try to make some neat acrobatic tricks. Your score will be given to you by 5 judges based on your jump performance. More speed (and more air time) can be gained by madly pressing the left and right arrow keys in turns before you hit the jump, this way you will get more time to perform several tricks.

The Judges

The Tricks

Several different tricks can be performed in this event, here's a small list of them. (Please note that the commands are for the DOS version only.)

ENTER + KEYPAD 1 Front Tuck Flip
ENTER + KEYPAD 2 Back Scratcher
ENTER + KEYPAD 3 Back Flip with 360 Twist
ENTER + KEYPAD 5 Nothing
ENTER + KEYPAD 7 Knee Touch Front Flip
ENTER + KEYPAD 8 Wide Eagle Spread
ENTER + KEYPAD 9 Twist Flip
KEYPAD8 Front Pike Flip
KEYPAD7 Front Arch Flip
KEYPAD2 Front Arch Flip

The Ramp

Here's a picture of the ramp where all action takes place. For more pictures of this event, please check out the screenshots section.

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